Strengthening the Immune System Can Be Lifesaving For Patients with Chronic Illnesses...

"The Breakthrough Immune Support System is the most comprehensive and innovative nutritional approach to strengthen the immune system for chronic care patients I have seen. That’s saying a lot... Scripps is known for innovation.”

– Christopher Suhar MD

Medical Director for Integrative Medicine,

Scripps Center for Cardiology Fellowship Program

Breakthrough Chronic Care Scientific Advisory Board

  • A healthy diet is the foundation for optimum health and a strong immune system

  • Tasty MEGA MEALS and MEGA JUICES are literally ‘comfort food’ that are extremely healthy

  • They include only foods that studies have shown will build the immune system

  • Our specialty chefs create innovative sauces, spices, and recipes including vegetables that many people have never liked before ... and now happily eat them

  • MEGA MEALS and MEGA JUICES focus on addressing the immune systems’ nutritional needs and removing food toxicity

  • The annual free Breakthrough Immune System Exam provides diet personalization – monitored every year


Optimum nutrition is only possible through a well-planned healthy diet. Two MEGA MEALS and one MEGA JUICE daily are your best and easiest option. On days when that’s not possible, we offer this supplementation...

A Major Advancement in Immune System Health

Studies Show Chronic Care Patients Have Significantly Higher Cancer Rates. Strengthening The Immune System is Critical.  

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Our Mission

Breakthrough Chronic Care is a positive lifestyle company committed to significantly improve the physical, emotional and financial health of the 30 million average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Our movement is dedicated to providing superior chronic disease management and an innovative solution to eliminate up to 100% of a patient's total out-of-pocket medical costs for life. 

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