Breakthrough Chronic Care offers exciting 'Advocate' Opportunities for Chronic Care Patients.

As a chronic care patient, you know there is nothing more natural than to have a conversation about your health with someone who shares your same chronic condition. How long ago were you diagnosed? What medications have you tried? Which doctors have you found that are the most helpful? Have you tried any special treatment, diet, or exercise program that helped? Do you have good days and bad? Sharing experiences with others who understand can be the start of a real friendship.


And, that's the very foundation of our groundbreaking income opportunity. Cancer survivors helping cancer survivors; diabetes patients helping diabetes patients; heart disease patients helping heart disease patients; patients helping fellow patients no matter what their chronic illness.


Participation in this revolutionary program is very rewarding and can generate income. You could make $25 per hour, or more, just sharing your 'personal testimonial' about your own Concierge Chronic Care Doctor and how you enjoy your free MEGA MEALS and MEGA JUICES. You are simply helping fellow chronic care patients who ask you for help. 


Please explore the 'Advocate' Opportunities available today. They have been specifically created for chronic care patients and caregivers.