A New Income Opportunity Specifically Created for Chronic Care Patients and Caregivers

The foundation of our home based business is patients helping, sharing and connecting with each other. You are highly qualified with your life's journey as a chronic care patient or caregiver. You've lived it.

It is often said the key to happiness is doing what you love... follow your passion. If you love helping others, when they need it the most, you have found a way to fulfill your passion that may pay extremely well. Mobile, OnSite and Home ‘Advocates’ just share their personal testimonial about their positive experiences with their Concierge Chronic Care Doctor with fellow chronic care patients. This is lifesaving information. 


Studies show that two major concerns of working class Americans who have a chronic illness include the limited communication they have with their doctor and rising out-of-pocket medical costs. Our Mobile, Onsite or Home ‘Advocates’ are on  the front line for providing critical solutions for millions of average Americans with chronic illnesses.


The foundation of our groundbreaking income opportunity is dedicated cancer survivors helping cancer survivors, diabetes patients helping diabetes patients, heart disease patients helping heart disease patients... 

Our innovative home based business has many proprietary features. It was created to optimize the skill sets that many chronic care patient have. No sales experience is necessary, or prospecting is necessary, and there is no competition. Chronic Care patients within 12 months, or less, may be able to earn $25 an hour or more. Year two, the sky is the limit. They can work part-time or full-time. 


You are providing inspiring help. Depression is very common among chronic care patients who feel isolated and have no control. The result is toxic stress which can prevent treatments from being completely effective. Inc. Magazine recently reported that a Stanford University study showed the number one recommendation to relieving depression is volunteering for a cause you believe in. You are introducing Breakthrough Chronic Care to people who will greatly benefit.


Becoming a Mobile, Onsite or Home ‘Advocate’ is very therapeutic and empowering. It’s exhilarating to be able to provide such a needed service that eliminates so much fear and loneliness. You can give people control over their health and provide priceless peace-of-mind. 

No One Wants To Be Sold... 

Everyone Wants to be Helped! 

Our ‘Advocates never prospect. That’s because people with a chronic illness are naturally attracted to our ‘Advocate’ Apparel™ message. They enthusiastically ‘Ask You’ for information. Our simple techniques for creating ‘friendly body language’ makes you extremely approachable. You just take your tablet or smartphone and get the person’s name, email, and phone number. Then press send. The information they want is automatically sent and you are paid a lifetime royalty when they enroll.

Your ‘personal testimonial’ is the foundation of your success. Your experience with your Concierge Chronic Care Doctor is inspiring for many living with chronic conditions. You can share your story everywhere you go. The grocery store, walking the dog, movies, church, music or sporting events, fundraising events ... everywhere! You can network dozens of support groups and charities that meet in your area or online. And, people who don’t have a chronic condition will likely have a family member, friend, co-worker or caregiver that does. 


Everyone that fill-outs a Patient Information Form is treated like family by Home Office. We are creating lifetime relationships by regularly sending the latest research, videos, and studies from leading doctors about the latest advances concerning their chronic illness. They can request the Better Together Times newsletter. They are always invited to our entertaining Meet-and-Greet Events. 

Generous lifetime royalties are paid when a person fills-out your Patient Information Form and enrolls with a Concierge Chronic Care Doctor and our Breakthrough Immune Support System. Within 12 months, an ‘Advocate’ can eliminate all their out-of-pocket medical costs. They can earn hundreds, or thousands, every month in new income with little investment. They are also creating a lucrative lifetime annuity.

The 3 most common income goals for ‘Advocates’...


1) People who want to earn an additional $500 to $1,000 per month.


2) People who want to pay for all their out-of-pocket medical costs, which averages $12,000 annually. Pay for health insurance premiums that average $10,000 annually. Pay for 60 MEGA MEALS per month. Approximately $27,000 in annual expenses.


3) People who want to pay for all their out-of-pocket medical costs, which averages $12,000 annually. Pay for health insurance premiums that average $10,000 annually. Pay for 60 MEGA MEALS per month. Approximately $27,000 in annual expenses. Plus, an additional $50,000, or more, in annual income.

Our Mission

Breakthrough Chronic Care is a positive lifestyle company committed to significantly improve the physical, emotional and financial health of the 30 million average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Our movement is dedicated to providing superior chronic disease management and an innovative solution to eliminate up to 100% of a patient's total out-of-pocket medical costs for life. 

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