Your Concierge Chronic Care Doctor Can Save You Money Every Year

1. A Concierge Chronic Care Doctor is focused on reducing a patient’s out-of-pocket medical costs while improving care. 


Superior management in any industry reduces production costs and improves product quality. The medical industry is no different. Americans with chronic illnesses have 4Xs the healthcare costs than Americans without a chronic illness. Many Americans under age 65 pay $12,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs every year. This is not including their health insurance premiums. If they have more than one chronic illness it can be higher. 


Our Concierge Chronic Care Doctor is committed to providing superior disease management. They are focused on the patient's total health. They provide proactive weight management, proactive treatment management, proactive drug management, and proactive lifestyle management. A Concierge Chronic Care Doctor fees are between $1,800 to $2,500 annually. It doesn’t matter how many chronic illnesses the patient has. If the patient follows their Proactive Lifestyle Plan they can pay for themselves quickly... they can even put additional money back in the patient's pocket every year. 


2. A Concierge Chronic Care Doctor helps patients to avoid the often fragmented, unhealthy and expensive ecosystem of the healthcare industry.


The Concierge Chronic Care Doctor wants to significantly reduce ER visits, hospitalizations, lab testing, imaging, prescriptions, infections, duplications, specialty care, and all costly and potentially harmful medical services. This is where the patients $12,000 in out-of-pocket expenses come from. Many Americans with a chronic illness have higher deductible policies. They buy them because of the lower monthly premiums to fit their budget. Unfortunately, if they become ill with a chronic illness they are responsible for several thousand out-of-pocket dollars for any medical costs before their insurance takes over. 

The Concierge Chronic Care Doctor understands this. They are committed to significantly reduce the $12,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs each year by providing superior disease management. The savings can pay for Concierge Chronic Care Doctor and a lot more. 


3. Concierge Chronic Care Doctor’s patients can participate in our ‘Advocate’ Opportunities. They can reduce, or eliminate all their medical costs. 


This includes the entire $12,000 they pay in out-of-pocket medical costs every year, and the annual average of $10,000 in health insurance premiums. How? It’s really simple and rewarding. By just giving their personal testimonial about their patient experience with their Concierge Chronic Care Doctor with fellow chronic care patients who ask for their help. 


Sharing and caring. Good for the soul and good for the family budget. It gets even better... 


4. Concierge Chronic Care Doctor’s patients can strengthen their immune system and eat remarkably nutritious and delicious MEGA MEALS free. They can greatly reduce their present grocery bills.


Our Breakthrough Immune Support System was created to build and strengthen the immune system. Patients with a variety of chronic illnesses often suffer from 2 or more chronic diseases. They need to strengthen their immune system now. 


Our MEGA MEALS and MEGA JUICES are delicious and are a nutritional breakthrough. They are delivered ready to eat to the patient's front door. Studies show patients with different chronic diseases can have significantly higher cancer rates. Proper nutrition for a chronic care patient is imperative. This provides the best solution to staying well and saving money.

Our Mission

Breakthrough Chronic Care is a positive lifestyle company committed to significantly improve the physical, emotional and financial health of the 30 million average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Our movement is dedicated to providing superior chronic disease management and an innovative solution to eliminate up to 100% of a patient's total out-of-pocket medical costs for life. 

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