Breakthrough Chronic Care Launches in Houston

A National Movement is Born - Chronic Care Patients Helping Chronic Care Patients

Breakthrough Chronic Care is an energized ‘positive lifestyle company’ for the millions of average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Unfortunately, many suffer from highly impersonal and poorly managed medical care and significant financial pressure. This often results in ‘dangerous stress’ and ‘depression’ that can severely damage the immune system.


Billions of healthcare dollars are wasted every year. Millions of lives are permanently damaged.


Remarkably, virtually all chronic care patients can receive our life-changing benefits and reduce their medical spending every year... no matter what health insurance they have today.

These benefits include dramatically improved doctor-patient relationships, breakthrough treatments, and the ability to strengthen their immune system and eat for free. Importantly, they can volunteer part-time and eliminate 100% of out-of-pocket medical costs for life. 


Our ‘life-changing patient experience’ is a grassroots movement committed to eliminating the high anxiety and loneliness that millions of patients and caregivers are living with today. There is a significant pent-up demand in this large group of Americans for real-world emotional and financial help. We are in the ‘hope’ and ‘relationship’ business. Our mission is to create peace-of-mind and optimism... the holy grail of healing. 

Our Mission

Breakthrough Chronic Care is a positive lifestyle company committed to significantly improve the physical, emotional and financial health of the 30 million average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Our movement is dedicated to providing superior chronic disease management and an innovative solution to eliminate up to 100% of a patient's total out-of-pocket medical costs for life. 

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